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Dutch credit cards

The following products are non-bank credit cards. You can also pay by direct debit in order to avoid paying any interest.
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Visa World Card

Visa World Card

Has dominated the Dutch market for decades. The customer service has received several awards.

1e jaar gratis + €25,- vakantiegeld

1e jaar € 0,-2e jaar € 36,50

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mastercard classic

Mastercard Classic

The Mastercard version of the Visa World Card, with very similar features, but with a lower card fee.

1e jaar gratis

1e jaar € 0,-2e jaar € 20,-

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skrill prepaid creditcard

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard

Prepaid credit card with English speaking help desk. No income statement is required. Reload for free by bank transfers or by the Dutch iDeal paying system.


1e jaar € 10,-2e jaar € 10,-

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About Dutch credit cards

In The Netherlands the usage of credit cards is rather limited. This is caused by the popularity of the relatively advanced debit card system. Even online, Dutch prefer the debit system (iDeal) over paying by credit card.

International Card Services

International Card Services is by far the largest Dutch issuer of non-bank credit cards. International Card Services is the formerly sole Visa affiliate in the Netherlands. The Visa World Card is their flagship product.

English service desk

Unfortunately, there is no English application form for most Dutch credit cards. If you have any problems filling in the application form, please send us your question (in English) via email. You can also visit the Expat desk of ABN Amro. They offer specific services geared towards expats.


The typical APR is around 14% per annum (the maximum interest rate set by the Dutch government). Most Dutch people however do not prefer to delay payments, and only 20% of the credit cards are revolving credit cards. All issued credit cards in Holland allow the use of direct debit (automatische incasso).